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To operate an academy for goalkeepers, providing international standard education and coaching techniques for goalkeepers of all ages and both genders, ensuring participating goalkeepers reach their full potential.


Former Australian World Cup goalkeeper Jim Fraser is the International Goalkeeper’s Director of Coaching. Jim always recognised the need for a dedicated goalkeeper academy and along with investors Anthony LaPaglia, Michael Crismale and Greg MacDonald, he set up the International Goalkeepers Academy at The Blacktown International Olympic Sportspark situated at Rooty Hill.

The goalkeeping position is a challenging and rewarding position! Goalkeepers require a specific program that ensures that they are coached in all aspects of the modern game.

Director of Coaching Jim Fraser has developed a curriculum that covers all areas of the goalkeeping position. The structured program has been highly successful, supplying many goalkeepers to junior development, state and NSWIS programs as well as to the A League and national teams.

Jim Fraser is a former Australian World Cup goalkeeper with over forty years of experience in coaching goalkeepers at all levels. Jim also holds a UEFA A field coaching qualification. He was also the author of Australia's first goalkeeper coaching courses, writing the curriculum for the youth, intermediate and senior licenses.
Jim is also the author of Courage Under Fire, the first book written on the psychological side of the goalkeeping position. The book explains the problems faced by all goalkeepers and is considered a must-read for all goalkeepers, parents of goalkeepers and coaches.

A worldwide demand for goalkeepers and the continued expansion of the A-League has created more opportunities for goalkeepers to ply their trade at the top level than ever before.

As the demand for goalkeepers continues to grow, the International Goalkeepers Academy continues to develop progressive methods to give our keepers the edge in gameplay and when trialing.

Our academy fulfils the niche involved in training the modern goalkeeper. Goalkeepers now require a more comprehensive training program, new types of equipment and physical conditioning.

Specific conditioning to make our keepers fitter, faster and stronger without bulking up have been developed, along with a body maintenance program guaranteed to lessen common injuries and prolong the goalkeepers playing career.

The mental toughness required by goalkeepers to compete at all levels is an essential component of goalkeeper development, and we ensure our goalkeepers are well prepared to deal with all the trials and tribulations that they will face both on and off the field.

No longer do a goalkeeper’s specific training requirements have to be neglected. At IGA, we have the time, the energy and the experience to encourage goalkeepers of all ages and levels to reach their full potential.
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